Current Kantzler Foundation Trustees

Andrea Hales, President 1993
Trish Burns, Vice President 2017
Michael Hanisko, Treasurer 2016
Wayne Barber, Secretary 2018
Debra K. Lutz 2017
Rob Clark 2018


Past Kantzler Foundation Trustees

  Term of Service
Robert D. Sarow, Trustee Emeritus 2008 – 2016
Edward W. Bowen 1974 – 1976
Russell H. Smith 1974 – 1978
Arthur E. Hagen, Jr. 1974 – 1978
Louis W. Westover 1974 – 1983
Robbie L. Baker 1974 – 1995
Gordon Walker 1977 – 1978
Clifford C. VanDyke 1978 – 2007
Thomas J. Conway 1978 – 1982
Jack Steinmetz 1982 – 1987
Jerome Yantz 1993 – 2016
Meade Gougeon 1994 – 2008
Bryan Augustine 1996 – 1997
Michael Gray 1997 – 1999
Joe Sasiela 2000 – 2003
Ann Lingle 2004 – 2007
Valerie Roof 2009 – 2010
Dominic Monastiere 1987 – 2021
Walter Szostak 2014 – 2024
Maria Vos  

Community Impact

testimonial author Shirley Roberts - BaySail

"In the year 2000, trustees of the Kantzler Foundation took a chance on a brand new organization that promised to educate children about our environment and to build character in at-risk youth from the deck of a tall ship. The Foundation’s initial grant helped BaySail purchase a new set of sails for Bay City’s tall ship Appledore IV and an additional pool of funds allowed local teachers to bring their students aboard for a SCIENCE UNDER SAIL learning experience.

The Foundation later provided a grant for the purchase of a second vessel to support the growing demand for BaySail’s programs. Today, images of Appledore IV and Appledore V adorn the sides of buildings and have come to represent Bay City. BaySail programs have reached more than 43,000 students and introduced thousands more to our waterfront community, thanks to the vision and investment of the Kantzler Foundation. We think Mr. Kantzler would be proud!"

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The Kantzler Foundation provides financial support for charitable projects and programs that directly benefit the residents of Bay County in areas such as: education, science, arts, culture, human services, conservation, beautification and recreation.

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Pere Marquette Depot

1000 Adams St., Suite 200
Bay City, MI 48708
Phone: (989) 893-4438