Organizations wishing to submit a grant request must first contact the foundation office at 989-893-4438 to register their intent to submit  the request.  At that time they will be provided helpful information and assistance.  If the request meets preliminary qualification criteria, the applicant will be assigned a login and password to the online application form.  Applications must be completed and filed online, but supporting documents, endorsement letters, financial documents and public filings may be submitted in hard copy form. 

Requesting organizations must be qualified public institutions or tax exempt charitable organizations under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.

The Kantzler Foundation Board meets up to four times per year to review grant applications. Applications must be received by the published deadlines to be considered at the following quarterly meeting.  

Applicants are asked to provide:

Project Information:

  • An executive summary of the project (including specific grant request and timetable)   
  • A detailed description of the project/program (including the project timeline)
  • Detailed  financial information on the project (program budget including all costs and funding plans including funding sources and specific grant requests and in-kind contributions)
  • The project’s projected impact on the community
  • Other collaborating organizations and their roles
  • Maintenance and sustainability plan
  • Plans for measuring success

Organizational information:

  • A brief history of the organization and its mission
  • Board of Directors/Key executives – Names, occupations and positions
  • Current balance sheet
  • Recent financial statements
  • Copy of the organization’s federal tax-exempt ruling form IRS
  • Copy of 990
  • Primary sources of revenue for the organization


  • Letters of support
  • Any additional information or documentation which the applicant deems pertinent

Annual Progress Report:

Grant recipients are required to submit a status report on the project prior to each March trustee meeting following the project’s start through completion.  This report will include revenue sources and expenditures to date, plus project outcomes vs. projected outcomes.

Prior to Board review, the applicant will be contacted by a representative of the Kantzler Foundation to discuss the grant request.  If appropriate, the organization may be asked to make a brief presentation to the board in support of the request.

Requests before the Board at any given meeting will normally be reviewed, discussed, and acted upon at that meeting. Applicants will be contacted by a Kantzler Foundation representative 24 hours after the board meeting.  The representative will summarize any action taken with respect to the request. Official written notification will follow within two weeks.  It will typically contain information, provisions, and conditions beyond those covered during the verbal briefing.

Typically the Board will approve a specific lump sum grant and distribute the funds in December of the year approved.  If the funds are not all needed in the year approved, or if the total annual grants exceed generated income available, the Board may approve a multi-year distribution schedule.  If funds are needed prior to December’s distribution, the case for early distribution should be included in the grant application.

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Community Impact

testimonial author Peg Rowley

"Kantzler started it all. In 1983 The Kantzler Foundation approached me to start up the Bay Area Community Foundation. It funded our operating expenses for several years and worked with us in partnership as we implemented a number of community involvement projects, like the Riverwalk and Pier. When I reflect on great programs and projects like the Community Foundation, Studio 23, The State Theatre, BaySail, the facilities at Wenonah Park, The Civic Arena, The Wirt Library, The Dow Family Y, Playscape at the State Park and so much more, I have to think, 'Where would we be without The Kantzler Foundation?'"

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The Kantzler Foundation provides financial support for charitable projects and programs that directly benefit the residents of Bay County in areas such as: education, science, arts, culture, human services, conservation, beautification and recreation.

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